Trump Asks If Media Will Apologize? But Will Trump Apologize First?

Opinion –

In a recent tweet by @realDonaldTrump
Trump asks “Will Media Apologize to Trump?”

The tweet has sparked outrage amongst many, citing that Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has yet to have apologized to the Khan Family (Gold Star).
Citing that the tweet appears to be a selfish act, one of total ignorance and another step towards rattling media.

Gold Star Family speaks – Then Trump responds by assuming the mother of the fallen soldier was not allowed to speak…

To date we have been un-able to confirm that Trump has apologized to the Khan Family, or for any of his opinions which have sparked anger and outrage including the assault of a man at one of Trump’s rally’s by a Trump supporter, which Trump has said his camp is looking into whether or not he and or his team will pay the legal fee’s of the man whom committed the assault.

Stay tuned ..

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